The 7xGospel Festival is an annual cultural event and for years many, many volunteers have been involved in realising this project. Their roles include making preparations over many months before the Festival, as well as helping out in the running of different festival events. Thanks to the support of volunteers, the Festival Organisers, the Gospel Association, are able to provide a wide range of variety within the Festival program, which means that it never ceases to surprise, with fresh ideas and interesting events, aimed at participants from all walks of life. If it weren’t for the help of our volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to realise so many innovative ideas.

What does it mean to be a Gospel Volunteer? It’s getting involved in the promotion of gospel music in Poland, it’s working with various musicians and vocalists from Poland and other countries, it’s having the opportunity to meet people who are crazy, in a good way, for music, and having the chance to develop new skills. The opportunity to be a Gospel Volunteer is open to people of all ages (upon the written consent of a legal guardian, for those under the age of 18), who are open to new experiences, challenges and people, who want to develop their interests, who want to put the Word of God into practice.

What kinds of Gospel Volunteers are needed?

- long-term volunteer - regular involvement in the work of the Gospel Association;

- project volunteer - involvement in the realisation of a particular project, e.g. 7xGospel Festival, Gospel City, a charity concert.

We offer volunteers a signed agreement, which describes in detail the responsibilities, duties and priviliges given, a certificate as proof of the volunteer’s involvement in realising the project, free participation in training sessions organised by the Gospel Association and an invitation to the Festival’s celebratory final banquet. Are you interested in getting involved in the work of the Gospel Association?


which will help you to specify what you might like to do as a Gospel Volunteer. And we will try to prepare an offer which will meet your expectations.