The 17th August 2015 saw the start of registration for workshops taking place during ‘Ten’, the 2015 edition of the 7xGospel Festival. To sign up, just fill in the APPLICATION FORM, a link to which can be found either on the home page, or by clicking on the REGISTRATION icon on any of the pages dedicated to particular workshops. Please remember that you will only be put on the list of participants after we see that your participation fee has been paid to the Gospel Association’s bank account.

This will be the 10th annual 7xGospel Festival. But that’s not the only reason why this edition is entitled ‘Ten’. In the Polish language, ‘ten’ can also mean ‘the one’. We want Krakow to be visited and blessed by The One who heals, comforts and saves. Please remember that the Festival consists of a whole host of various workshops, concerts and meetings. In your diary, make a plan today for the events you’d like to take part in!
Those of you who love getting involved in cultural events are invited to work with us during the Festival, as a VOLUNTEER.

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