On the 16 September 2015, at 6:00pm, all volunteers are invited to attend a training session entitled:

“Conscious learning, by being a volunteer”

Being involved in the preparation for,  and realisation of an event such as the 7xGospel Festival is undoubtedly an experience which is remembered for a long time. We’re not always aware of why that is. Our instructor, Elżbieta Jakubek, has a theory that it’s because it’s through being active that we learn the most! We learn more than we notice at first glance – things such as improving communication, teamwork and organisational skills immediately come to mind. But what exactly do these very general categories cover? And, most importantly, what other skills do we learn without realising it?  

Those attending the training session will look at:

– the competence model

– the theory of “conscious competence”

– the cycle of learning through experience


– types of learning and how to plan your own developement based on those types.

Our training session will be full of games, simulations and group discussions – it definitely won’t be boring!

The training will take place at the Worship Center (Rynek Glowny (Main Square) 23/6, 4th floor), and will last 3 hours. It’s free of charge and we’ll give certificates to the participants at the end. The session will be run by instructor, Elzbieta Jakubek, a lover of gospel music who has been involved in gospel workshops for over 11 years (as a participant, volunteer, and member of Joyful Voice Choir in Krakow). She’s a professional non-formal education instructor, cooperating with national and overseas organisations and institutions (she has run training sessions and courses for  the Polish Youth Council, worked with the European Commission, the European Council and the United Nations), and is fascinated by group development, international communications and the creative potential of individuals and organisations.

If you’re interested in taking part in the session, fill in the application form:  APPLICATION FORM FOR THE “CONSCIOUS LEARNING BY BEING A VOLUNTEER”.

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