27 September 2015, at 6:00pm, marks the start of gospel concerts…in 5 different cities at the same time!

You’re invited to Jaworzno, Katowice, Kielce, Miechow and Tarnow!

‘Gospel Celebration’ is in essence a “3 in 1” package – a celebration of gospel music and gospel choirs, an introduction to “Ten”, the 2015 edition of the 7xGospel Festival, and the promotion of the Gospel Celebration CD. Below, the members of gospel choir GOoD NEWS explain what taking part in ‘Gospel Celebration’ means to them:

GOSPEL CELEBRATION is a great honor for us, an opportunity to play a small part in the realisation of a wonderful, huge project which brings together people who share the same passion and ideals. It’s a very special, joyful celebration of music, performed by people looking to preach the Good News. It’s a gathering of people with gospel in their hearts. Finally, it’s a testimony of our life with Christ and another step in our musical journey, spreading God’s message.

For the last month the choirs have been busy with intensive preparations for their performances (two choirs sent us photos taken during their rehearsals) because ‘Gospel Celebration’ also marks the day of the official premier of the first ever polish compilation of gospel music tracks. There are 17 tracks on the CD, tracks which give the best overall representation of contemporary ‘Polish gospel’. There are both live and studio recorded tracks, a capella performances, contemporary gospel songs and negro spirituals, compositions sung in Polish and in English, original works and covers. But the CD is not for sale! It’s release is aimed at promoting polish gospel music, polish gospel choirs and Gospel Republic. Seeing as the album is not for sale, we’d like to take the opportunity presented by both the premier and the Gospel Celebration concerts, and give away a few copies at each of the concert venues. Even more reason to invite you to the concerts!

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