As every year, we want to start the 7xGospel Festival in the Name of the One from whom all good comes, the perfect gift and every sound. Bearing in mind the theme of this year’s festival “And it was good”, we want to encourage you to admire together the Beauty of our Father, the Creator of all creation, to worship and thank Him for this world, night and day, waters and lands, nature, everything, what lives  and the humanity that God made the crown of creation, proclaiming “and it was VERY good” (Gen 1:31). We want to thank our Father that, despite our weakness and sin, he restores us, through the Blood of Christ, the name of King’s Daughters and Sons, that His Light endures all darkness and that what He creates is always good and beautiful, like music, harmonies, instruments and voices. We want to invoke His Kingdom to make it on Earth as it is in Heaven!


Monday / 14 X / 7.00 p.m.


Worship leaders