Come! See the whole 7x Gospel Festival in one night! In Kino Kijów.Centrum we will have the chance to listen to the effects of work of 6 different workshops. Just before the concert there will be a Street Performance prepared by a choir and band of Gospel Drumcapella workshop. All the members prepared by Ela Ekiert and Andrzej Kaczmarczyk had the chance to be trained in a capella singing and drumming. Next we will see gospel dance with the elements of sign language – choreography prepared by members of Hands of Worship, Rhonda and Macy Adams. We will also see: seniors prepared by Lea Kjeldsen, men’s group lead by Łukasz Kubica, moms with their little ones conducted by Katarzyna Kruk. Choir of the 19th Gospel Music Workshop in Krakow will be the closing performance – almost 300 people under the leadership of experienced instructors: Colin Vassell and a duet The Cokers – Siobhan Coker and Olric Coker.


21 X | 6.00 p.m. | Su.


Particitants of the 20th Gospel Music Workshop in Krakow

with instructors

Ruth Waldron
Peter Steinvig
Peter Francis

and guest artists


35 zł

Sale starts on the 1st of September


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