Krakow Gospel Choir is a group of friends who have been worshiping God with gospel music for almost 20 years. KGC is people – high school students, youths, start-up parents and even seniors. The strength of our choir lies in the variety of the members. Together, with our voices we spread Gospel and in our everyday lives we try to put it into practice by supporting one another in our community.

Through the years we have had many different choir singers, conductors and musicians, yet the joy of singing has stayed unchanged. During the concert we would love to express our gratefulness for the time we have had so far, present our new repertoire and also look back at the best  moments in the history of our choir which originates as a fruit of the very first Gospel Music Workshop in Cracow.

The motto of the concert is “Total Praise” which is the fullness of glory and exactly our state of being in the past few months. We want to worship God for the magnitude of His grace which He has been sending on us and all the Cracow gospel community for the past 20 years. We want to tell the story of the great things that He has made. We do remember all the good things He has done to our hearts and we feel there is only one way of showing our appreciation – total praise.


13 X | 7.30 p.m. | Sa.


Kraków Gospel Choir