Do you remember when was the first time you heard gospel? Maybe you can remember the first workshops? Or maybe your very first experience with the music was in Krakow? All she knows (and she knows the most of it) about the history of gospel music in Poland, in general, she will tell you – Lea Kjeldsen – the spiritus movens of the gospel movement in Poland. A Dane who has lived in Poland since 1992. Since 1999 she has been co-organising gospel workshops in Krakow and 7xGospel Festival since 2006. Come and check if you remember everything that has happened in Krakow since 1999.


17 X | 7.00 p.m. | We.


Louis Music Club and Pub
Rynek Główny 13, Kraków


Lea Kjeldsen
and participants of Feel the Spirit workshop
and instructor Łukasz Kubica