Concert of the participants of the following workshops: Sing Move Enjoy (senior), Gospel Kids (children) and Mamas & Papas (parents with babies). Do you remember when do all families sing together? In gospel family it happens not only during Christmas! You can enjoy the presence of Jesus in your life not only in December but also in October during 7xGospel! Our participants have been trained by wonderful instructors: Ela Ekiert, Maria Pabisiak, Anna Madej and Gabi Gasior. Be a part of this event!


14 X | 4.00 p.m.| Su.


Worhshop participants:

Gospel Kids
Gospel Parents
Śpiew Ruch Radość

with instructors:

Elżbieta Ekiert
Maria Pabisiak
Anna Madej
Gabi Gąsior