Do you remember when was the first time you heard a gospel song in English? Or French? Or German?  The music, which tells the story of the great gift of God’s love for us, is played all around the world, in every language. This year, during the concert, we are hosting Danish choir Grace and Minsk Gospel Choir. Join us, see for yourselves what does worship look like around the world.

Grace a Danish, multi-generational choir (and association) with nearly 60 members. Led by pianist Peter Steinvig and conductor Trine Halse. The choir performs traditional gospel songs of black churches in English. Peter Steinvig is one of people responsible for the introduction of gospel music in Poland, being the instructor of the 1st Gospel Msic Workshop in Krakow in 1999.


18 X | 7.30 p.m. | Th.


Grace (DK)

Minsk Gospel Choir (BLR)